New Products Page

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With the site remodel, we’ve also added a ton of new functionality. Please take a moment to check out our new Products page.

Within our products page, you’ll find three main categories: Our Products, Curated Collection, and Games We Love.

Our Products

Anything you find under the “Our Products” category has been created by someone right here at MithrilPunk Press. Every product we release will be found right here, with links to purchase our digital products through DriveThruRPG. For print products or other physical media, we will handle that on a case by case basis, so keep an eye on the News and Announcements! Whenever we have a product available for pre-order, you’ll also find it here.

Curated Collection

The Curated Collection is just that, a curated collection of tabletop roleplaying products available on the DM’s Guild or DriveThruRPG. These are products we have played and own ourselves, and we are recommending them to you. You can rest assured, if you see a product in the Curated Collection, we have spent a lot of quality time playing that game. We won’t ever recommend a game we haven’t played personally, or a game that we don’t love. You’ll notice this is a really small collection right now, but we plan to expand it as we come across exciting new products, with a focus on indie or self-published products. If you have a product you’d like us to consider for the collection, let us know!

Games We Love

This category is reserved for games we love, regardless of publisher. We view this as our opportunity to review and recommend more mainstream games, as well as games outside the tabletop roleplaying genre. Much like the Curated Collection, we won’t recommend a game we haven’t played personally, or a game we don’t love. The main difference is that we are more willing to consider “larger” publishers and “popular” games.