We’re Back!

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Hello everybody! Sorry for the radio silence, but we are finally getting back into the swing of things! This post, if you care to read on a bit, will provide updates about why we had to take a hiatus, as well as our current and upcoming projects! For anyone with less free time, here’s the TL;DR – Hurricanes, and How They Suck; Go for the Gold’s first launch on DriveThruRPG is today!; The Bespoke Bestiary Kickstarter is still coming soon, once we catch up on Go for the Gold!

Where’d you go?
Without going into two much detail, both Warren and I work in industries that are massively impacted by natural disasters. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left both of us too swamped with our real jobs to give MithrilPunk the time it needed. Adding to that is Warren having a child just before the holidays, and the holidays themselves, and here we are. We’ve been working as we can, but things are just now getting back to normal.

Update: Go for the Gold
If you aren’t familiar with our Go for the Gold project, it’s something we announced a bit before the hurricanes. In short, Go for the Gold is a way for us to expand on the products we launched from our first kickstarter for Legacy’s Wake, using the Copper/Silver/Electrum/Gold/Platinum sales benchmarks over on DriveThruRPG. Each of our main products on DriveThruRPG (Legacy’s Wake, Heroes of Skyfall, and the Triple Threat bundle of modules) has a planned release for each “metal” level it reaches. During the span of our downtime, we hit Copper and Silver on both Legacy’s Wake and Heroes of Skyfall! If you’ve already purchased either of those products, or you ever purchase them in the future, any and all expanded content from Go for the Gold will be included at no additional cost to you. We are now actively working on getting out products for Copper and Silver for both of these products before we move on to the next project.

Status: Our Copper release for Heroes of Skyfall releases today! GET IT HERE! Silver for Heroes and Copper for Legacy’s Wake are in active development now!

Update: The Bespoke Bestiary
The Bespoke Bestiary is still happening! You may have seen our incredible cover art from Marcel Mercado, or some of our monster previews over on Facebook. We are super excited about this Kickstarter, but we want to take the time to make sure we do it absolutely right! With that said, this is nearing launch readiness. As soon as we are caught up on the Go for the Gold products we have committed to making, our next steps will be to finalize the kickstarter video, get all of our art assets for the kickstarter ready to go, complete our final review, and launch.

Status: Still on its way, planned to launch on Kickstarter as soon as possible after Go for the Gold is all caught up!