MithrilPunk Press, LLC.

MithrilPunk Press is a small indie publisher with big ideas. Many of those big ideas make a splash in our first successful kickstarter, Legacy’s Wake, and we’re in the process of fulfilling that kickstarter right now. Once everything is finished, we’ll have an 80-page player supplement, a 288-page full length adventure, three 30+ page standalone modules, and multiple one-shot adventures, all compatible with the 5th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. In the future, we hope to take our brand of storytelling and design into board games and other tabletop roleplaying systems.

Founding Members: Chris Patlovany, Warren Hardell, Derek Harris

Current Projects: Warren and Derek are hard at work finishing up fulfillment for the Legacy’s Wake kickstarter.

MithrilPunk Press may be a small company, but we wouldn’t exist without our friends, family, and supporters.