Bespoke Bestiary: More than Monsters

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Last week, we talked about what makes the Bespoke Bestiary actually “bespoke”. This week, we’re going to take a look at what a MithrilPunk bestiary looks like! We aren’t interested in making just-another-monster-book. We want to make something with new … Continued

Announcing: The Bespoke Bestiary!

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We know things have been quiet on the MithrilPunk front since we wrapped fulfillment on the Legacy’s Wake kickstarter, but we’ve been hard at work since the last stand-alone shipped, and we’re ready to announce our next kickstarter: The Bespoke … Continued

MithrilPunk Shop Updates!

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As you may have noticed, our shop page has been updated! All of our products (other than Bloody Harvest) are now available in print. To celebrate, we are running a trial for the month of May: free shipping on all … Continued

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