These are products that we think are fantastic. These products are “a cut above” in our opinion. We try to include a mix of game styles, product types, and publisher sizes.

Volo’s Guide to Monsters
We recently picked up the newest release from WotC, Volo's Guide to Monsters. I have to tell you, this book is easily one of the best monster books ever released for any edition of the game. The special edition cover is absolutely gorgeous, but the content is even better. Ever wondered how beholders reproduce, or how hill giants entertain themselves? This book will tell you, while also providing a ton of new player race options, and a respectable bunch of stat blocks for the things that go bump in the night.
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Mansions of Madness
The second edition of Mansion of Madness brings the creepy factor while removing the game manager. We loved the original, but always said we'd prefer if if we could all play on the same side, and maybe if the setup didn't take 19 years that would be great too. Thanks to the new edition, we really got our wish. Warren and Derek pulled an all-nighter at GenCon '16 to scare themselves into a frantic panic with this game. Highly recommended!
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Time Stories
Time Stories is awesome. Basically, you play a group of Scott Bakula's quantum leaping into the past to solve murders, prevent catastrophes, or change the fate of the universe. If that wasn't cool enough, the way Time Stories uses time mechanically to gate information and create an immersive story without a game master is nothing short of incredible. This is the kind of game we start playing then suddenly realize Tuesday is gone and we're late for work. Definitely worth checking out!
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Player’s Handbook
Obviously, if you follow any of our current products, you know we love this game, and as luck would have it the 5th edition is (in our humble opinion) the best the game has ever been. This edition combines the simplicity of modern game design with the nostalgic feel of the earliest versions of the game. If you've never tried tabletop roleplaying before, we can't recommend this book enough.
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Strange Revelations
Seriously, this product might change your views on game prep. If you haven’t played The Strange, you’re missing out, but this supplement though is a worthy read even if you have never touched the Cypher system.  At its core, it is Ten Adventures to play, each with a fun and unique story but the real value here is the incredibly minimal prep needed to play.  Whether a game master or a game designer, check this product out.
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Icons: The Assembled Edition
Sometimes, you don’t want to get a master’s degree to play a super hero! ICONS is a fast paced supers game with a fun flexible system and super quick character creation.  While it has enough depth for a “serious supers game” it is at its best when played like a Saturday morning cartoon.
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Zombies Jr.
The Zombie Apocalypse with a big wheel and a whiffle bat. The original Zombies!!! Is something of a staple of my New Year’s celebrations (yeah I’m weird, but you probably guessed that).  Zombies!!! JR. takes everything from the original tweaks a few rules and applies a fresh coat of kid friendly paint.  It’s a fast paced friendly(ish) game that neatly blends board game with some card based elements into a delicious brain smoothie (get it?  It’s a Zombie game!)
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