This page will be regularly updated with free add-ons, errata, printer-friendly handouts and more in support of our various products.

The Skyfall Bestiary

This bestiary is a free resource supporting our adventures set in Skyfall. It will include every monster we’ve ever put into an adventure for Skyfall, and will be available here for free, forever.

Traveler’s Guide to Skyfall

This free add-on provides additional information about the City of Skyfall, its history, and the surrounding environs. This is available bundled into our Heroes of Skyfall product as well.

Printer Friendly Player Handouts

Because of all the storytelling methods we use in our products (like Flashbacks and Cut Scenes), Player Handouts are a big part of all of our products. We will include a free printer-friendly version of the player handouts here for every module we release.

Legacy’s Wake Handouts

The Legend of Old Crank Handouts – Coming Soon!

Against the Mindfire Queen Handouts – Coming Soon!

The Idol of Fel’Karak Handouts – Coming Soon!


As much as we’d like to pretend we are perfect, we can’t do it with a straight face. If (when) we have to release errata or product updates, you’ll find them here. Only print products will receive errata (digital products will be corrected and updated directly).

Legacy’s Wake Errata