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Legacy’s Wake tells a tale fraught with mortal danger, intrigue, magic and mayhem set in the unique port city of Skyfall. To a newcomer Skyfall can appear enchanting, overwhelming, and unforgiving, and those that survive the first few days have either lost their shirts or found someone to show them the ropes… literally. This supplement will help would-be heroes not stick out so much, marking them targets to some of the less kind-hearted locals.

In this book you will learn about three new races that hail from the Besieged Cliffs. In many realms these creatures would be considered monsters, but in Skyfall they are just more grist for the mill of commerce. Whether descended from Trolls, Rodents, or Insects, so long as you provide value to your guild you can be accepted in the city.

More so than blood, your membership in a guild and the neighborhood that you call home define your place in the city’s hierarchy. Here you will also find new rules replacing the standard background system to help you fit in with the lowest of the Dregs or the aristocrats in the Palisade district.

The culture and history of Skyfall can be seen reflected in its unique inhabitants. Each class will find a new archetype in this guide that represents some of the variety present in the city. Tattooed mages, Warriors who wield anchors as weapons, and Warlocks that swear allegiance to the dark things at the bottom of the ocean are just a few examples of unusual subclasses you will find in the city.

Then there are the Necromancers in the caverns below the city, the dark ones who provide many services that allow the port above to continue functioning. They dispose of the city’s dead by raising them into an undead army they use to protect against darker threats from the Lightless Depths. Occasionally, one who still holds onto a shred of life is infused with their dark magics. These beings do not rise as undead, but neither are they truly alive. Their former selves are nearly forgotten but in place of lost memories they discover new skills and dark powers. This guide contains all you need to play as a totally new class, the Revenant.

In addition to these options you will find a slew of new feats and spells which can be integrated seamlessly with those presented in the SRD. In the city of Skyfall danger is commonplace, but with the tips, tools, and powers inside these pages you might just survive.

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Heroes of Skyfall

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