Idol Pranks

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A Harmless Prank

[Available at a discount as part of the “Skyfall Triple Threat Bundle”]

When the party gets embroiled in a pirate prank war, they have three days to prove they are the best pranksters in the city of Skyfall. Will they end up with more than they bargained for when they pull the ultimate trick?

Idol Pranks is a 5th edition adventure intended for characters of 1st level. They'll pull off the most epic string of pranks in the Skyfall's history during the three days of the Firelight Festival. What could possibly go wrong?

This is an intro module like no other! It is chock full of interesting and unusual scenes (Bridge Ball!, Zombie Makeovers, And MORE!). Designed with an eye toward newer players, but with PLENTY to offer for experienced hands, this module is a great way to get a first taste of the city and of the game!

Go for the Gold!

This product is included on our newest bundle, “Triple Threat”. The bundle is part of our Go for the Gold program!

– Every metal level (Copper, Silver, Gold, Electrum, and Platinum) that the “Triple Threat Bundle” achieves, additional content will unlock for everyone who purchases the bundle!

– We want to continue to support our work and give you, our awesome customers the best possible product. All content released from hitting Copper through Platinum will be free for anyone who purchases the Triple Threat bundle, regardless of when they purchase it.

– Each store(DrivethruRPG, RPGNow, etc.) has its own metal count, the bulk of our sales happen on DriveThruRPG so we encourage you to purchase there to raise the metal count faster. That said if we hit metal counts on the other sites we will unlock content for that milestone.

– Regardless of what site you buy on, you will get all the unlocked content.


When we hit Copper on All three “Triple Threat” modules (The Legend of Old Crank, Against the Mindfire Queen, and Idol Pranks), we will create and unlock a series of Skyfall Vignettes. Suitable as side quests, short sessions, or adventure seeds for long-time players, these stories will help expand the stories you can tell inside the city of Skyfall.

Silver and Beyond? We have awesome content planned for each metal level. When we hit Copper, we’ll announce Silver here!

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