Legacy’s Wake

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On Rooftops and Rope Bridges
Explore the City of Skyfall in the way it was meant to be seen: scuttling over rooftops, sprinting across rope bridges, and leaping across ship’s rigging with only your wit and skill keeping you from losing your fortune in the dark waters below.  A full length campaign for 5th edition taking your characters from 1st to 17th and beyond.

Magic and Machine
From airships to salver golems, discover the unique and sometimes unwise blend of old magic and new power hidden away in the bustling cavern that houses Skyfall.  Over 200 new monsters, and dozens of new magic items.

From Low to High
Experience a story that will take you from the dregs of society to its highest reaches. Fight your way through the Lightless Depths, across the City of Skyfall, to the Throne of Creation in the Godspeak Mountains, and back again.  A campaign with huge stakes and larger than life locales.

Storytelling & Mechanics
Explore new and excited methods of playing the game you’ve loved for decades. Create your legacy through skill of arms, arcane might, or sheer bloody-handed ruthlessness. The choice is yours…  New mechanics allow new methods of story telling from multiple perspectives.

Go for the Gold!

This product is included on our newest initiative, the Go for the Gold program!

– Every metal level (Copper, Silver, Gold, Electrum, and Platinum) that Legacy’s Wake achieves, additional content will unlock for everyone who purchases it!

– We want to continue to support our work and give you, our awesome customers the best possible product. All content released from hitting Copper through Platinum will be free for anyone who purchases Legacy’s Wake bundle, regardless of when they purchase it.


We’ve already hit Copper! We’ll soon be releasing a supplement called Denizens of the Bridges. This supplement offers an in-depth look at several famous (or infamous) NPCs and locales in the city. It will be ideal for helping you breathe life into Skyfall. Each NPC and Locale will feature plot hooks, roleplaying angles, and ways to tie them in with our existing products.


When we hit Silver (tell your friends!), we will create and unlock a supplement on Corsair’s Drift! This floating city is the dark mirror of Skyfall: dirtier, more dangerous, and twice as pirate-filled. This supplement will provide enterprising GMs with a sandbox style experience, great for fleshing out trips to the floating city or perhaps even running an entire campaign on its shifting streets.

Electrum and Beyond? We have awesome content planned for each metal level. When we hit Silver, we’ll announce Electrum here!

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