Currently, MPP is in the process of fulfilling its first successful Kickstarter, Legacy’s Wake. You can check out our Shop page to find all the stuff we’ve already completed for the Kickstarter, including our 80-page player supplement Heroes of Skyfall, the 280-page full length adventure Legacy’s Wake, and a free one-shot adventure set in Skyfall called Bloody Harvest. We’ve also released our first stand-alone adventure, The Legend of Old Crank.

Kickstarter Fulfillment

In order to finish the Kickstarter fulfillment, we are going to publish three additional standalone adventures.

The Legend of Old Crank – Available Now!

Explore the legend of Old Crank, a massive salver golem supposedly created by an ancient fallen empire. When ships bound to and from the port city of Skyfall begin sinking in abnormal numbers, you’ll need to dive deep into the mystery surrounding Old Crank. Will your adventuring group find the source of the legend, or fall prey to the deep blue sea?

Against the Mindfire Queen

Mindfire wasps the size of sheep are a regular nuisance on the Beseiged Cliffs. If they latch onto you they can seize control of your body and turn you against your friends and family before they force you to march back to their nest to serve as larvae-food. They rarely travel far from the deep swamps in groups larger than two or three, but lately swarms the size of small villages have been spotted on the horizon. Can your heroes stop this mass invasion, or will they become simple drones in a very loud game of chess?

The Idol of Fel’Karak

Compete in a prank war in Skyfall, stop an out of control salver golem, and probably end up cursed. Once the Idol sets its gaze upon you, you’ll have to get through a Pirate’s Day adventure that takes a turn for the worst. Will you and your allies protect the city from the Idol, or will the curse destroy them all?

Post Kickstarter

We are focused heavily on fulfilling the kickstarter in its entirety before we move on to additional projects. However, we do have a few irons in the fire, so to speak. Keep an eye on our front page for updates and announcements as we reach the end of the kickstarter fulfillment!